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Dream Tree

Dream Tree

In order to develop a vision – a consistent representation of your uniquely expressive point of view – you need to pre-visualize the photograph at the moment you take it. Believe it or not, we can energize our photos by fully seeing them at the moment of impact.

“Fully seeing” means a lot of things. First of all, we have to be present to what the subject is saying to us. Photography is a response to the world, and we need to open ourselves in order to capture our unique response to it. That’s why hundreds of great photographers have captured the same subjects differently, each time a brilliant expression of a unique relationship between the photographer and the subject. The difference between them was that they saw the same subject differently and deeply.

Secondly, you need to know the entire process from exposure, stance and design to the print process. Shooting, file preparation and printing are different skills, each of which supports the underlying vision of the photographer.

Awe&thenSome offers a series of training lessons in the real world, where the things you learn stay with you and, with practice, become a part of your routine.Private lessons come, of course with personalized attention, and each session costs $45 plus GST.

The curriculum begins with a lesson titled Camera Basics, and then moves on through the Exposure Workshop, Creative Control Workshop (I), Creative Control (II), Composition, Advanced Composition and finally Shooting Workshops. Click on any topic to find out more.

You can reach me at

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  1. Y. Pamensky #

    Hi! Do you teach children privately?
    How much do you charge?

    March 11, 2014
  2. Lianna kyriakopoulou #

    How can one contact you regarding private lessons?

    April 21, 2014

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