Everything For the Photography Lover

 The Image and the World

When I came to Toronto in 1979 I was of the impression that images would change the world. There were images that glorified the ways of the world and there were those that extolled the brilliance, the grandeur, the awe of nature in all its forms. Photography is not just a document of reality, nor is it purely an artistic expression.  Photography is an artist’s response to the world, and its inherent value is that it documents what is, what was, and what might be. My work (which will eventually fill in some of these pages) is in many respects about my dreams and my reality in equal measure.

Photography is also an amateur’s response to the world, and the only differences between the amateur and an artist are vision, technique and history. Many of these pages will be created to advance, train, mentor and inspire the amateur photographer. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and work for a long time to come.

– David Goorevitch

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