All a dog lover wants out of that one special photo is something that captures that je ne sait quoi about their dog. It’s something that they get to see all the time – the passion, the energy, the life-loving wonder and, of course, the connection between you and her. So why is it so difficult? Well, it’s not. It’s just that we want two things we can’t have.

One is to request a pose that really captures that personality. I don’t know about you but my dog isn’t fully alive unless she’s in motion. This morning I got this shot on my iPhone’s Instaphone. The secret to it is that second thing you can’t have: You can’t just stand back. You’ve got to get your feet into a spot where the shot is possible. Otherwise you’re sunk. And that’s true of any kind of photograph. You’ve got to stand in the right place at the right time.

Today Emmy is 11 and a 1/2. Not bad for an old girl. Below are a few shots from about 6 years back, taken with a conventional camera, but the approach was the same. See the opportunity. Have a long lens. Stand your ground. Play.

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