Here are some astonishing images I took on last Sunday’s walkabout at Missdemeanors, Fashion Crimes’ children’s wing. I call them Product Girl, (top) and Product Girl2. They fit neatly into my long term project Product Man, which examines my reaction to the commercialization of everything. Does anyone else have a problem with sexualizing tiny tots this way? I recall this sort of dress code coming into popularity when my daughter was six.  One of the girls in her cohort got up with the grade one choir in three inch heels, a miniskirt and makeup. Stage parents I thought. But as we watched the 20th century slide into history, so it seems did innocence and common sense. These photos document that loss of childhood. Sadly.

But the day wasn’t all bad. I was on Queen West for a walkabout with Jerry Meland, a book publisher of repute who wants to improve his already excellent compositional skills. Besides having a lot of fun, I introduced Jerry to aperture, shutter speed and ISO relationships, as well as those between aperture, distance and depth of field. I tried to introduce Jerry to his light meter but, alas, his D90 is built to discourage full manual control. So we developed a workaround for him to practice. Why Nikon decided to go this way is beyond me. Canon proved how easy it is to create a range of digital cameras that take a growing photographer from fully automatic to fully manual seamlessly. Full disclosure: I use a Canon EOS 5D. But as a film photographer I shot Nikons.

As I’ve already said, Jerry has taken some awesome photos in the past using either Aperture or Shutter Speed Preferred settings. Now he’ll be able to go farther with full control. This is his shot of Villa D’Este. Italy anyone?By the way, no Christian symbolism is implied by the juxtaposition of Jerry’s image with the ones above it! Have a look at some more of Jerry’s super work in our guest gallery.

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