OK, I like shooting my instamatic, my hipstamatic and my photo booth. I call it my absurdomatic. In fact I love photo booth so much I was gonna call this post “I see better with my iPad!”. But as the evidence below shows, I hear better with it too!

The clincher though is that my life actually revolves around my Canon 5D. I carry it everywhere, recording every moment and mood of my life. And I love that. I see my dreams in the world and capture them – in the city, the country and the places where city and nature intertwine. It gives me clarity and detail I can understand in a muddy world. The 5D’s full frame sensor gives me lots of data that allows me to crop where needed without giving up size.

My Canon USM 24 to 105 is awesome, though I dream of the advanced detail I’ll get with a fixed lens, like the awesome  EF 50mm f/1.2L USM. That’s high on my wish list.

Nevertheless, the optics are still great, and the image stabilization so good that I took the image below at 1/15s, propped up against an iron fence in Toledo, Spain. I sold a 24 x 36″ copy of it about eight months ago that was sharp as a tack – and not with a lot of fiddling. It’s that good.

I was a Nikon guy when I shot in analogue, so to be fair I’ll be comparing some Nikons and other cameras against my baby in upcoming posts.

We’ll see how they fare!

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