I got a call from my friend Evelyn Aimis in Miami two weeks ago to let me know that my work had been included in a group show at Bloomies in Coral Gables. Huh? I’ve dreamed of exhibiting everywhere. In my first year at Ryerson Photo school I met André Kertesz, who was, besides my idol, the first photographer to have a one-man show at MOMA. “Ya”, I thought “MOMA. Got a nice ring to it!” But a department store? What’s that mean? Comments?

“Star Power” is included in the exhibition

Lately I’ve been discovering new ways to exhibit, distribute and market my images to the art buying public. So why not a department store? “Well”, I reply “Does anyone actually look at the art at a department store?”

“Well”, comes my retort, “they’re not there to get cultured, but they are shopping. They are actively shopping! They have credit cards in their hands. They’re in the mood to buy. And you’re selling, right?”

“Ya”, I think, “I think I get it now”.

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