I’ve started to give photo tours of the city – taking hotel guests off the beaten track to great places to plant their feet for photography. To that end I’ve published Toronto For Photographers and distributed it around to the big hotels. My presentation to the concierges at the February meeting of the Clefs d’Or went well. Now the tour is available through all Toronto hotels. Please let me know what YOU think of the book! And yes, you don’t have to be a visitor to do the tour!

click on the cover  ↓

  PS: The book is available for your coffee table!

5 thoughts on “ Toronto For Photographers ”

  1. David, even though we’ve been here for 30 years, your photos are a voyage of discovery through our adopted city. They inspire us to look more closely at the colour and diversity that’s literally to be found in our own back yard. Put us down for a copy of this extraordinarily cool, unusual, and well-deserved paean to Toronto. Bravo! We also hope it inspires a horde of aspiring photographers to learn how to see the extraordinary in ordinary things… through your mentorship.

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