Have a look at this awesome film by Keith Loutit and Jarbas Agnelli. “City of Samba” was shot during Carnaval in 2011 and then pieced together painstakingly with music by Mr. Agnelli. If you can’t tell if this is real or not you are not alone!

The City of Samba from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

What you’re seeing here is time lapse photography with a tilt shift lens. Tilt shifts are architectural lenses that allow for the movement of lens planes to correct for distortion – or create it. By tilting and shifting the inner lens planes you can choose exact focal points within any scene, translating the world into a sort of toy land. Lately it’s been overused by photographers with a penchant for lego-izing their world. Why? That’s an interesting question. Is the world such a scary place that we want to reduce it to a play space? I think so. We can see this movement in alternate reality games, foursquare and fan fiction.

But City of Samba manages to have fun with fun for fun’s sake, and so I thought it worthy of spreading. Hope you enjoyed it!

PS: It’s real!

Until next time, be kind to yourself.

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