Sometimes the nicest things come out of the blue.

Monday morning I learned that Canadian Photography Online featured an article on my work, and they had some lovely things to say. “David Goorevitch’s images are truly impressive.“, they begin, noting the length of time I’ve logged in photography’s trenches and articulating very closely what I’m trying to do. 

Besides the added followers they’ve sent my way, it’s a thrill to be included in the company of so many great Canadian photographers whose work I admire: BurtynskyCohenHerzog and so on. There are some missing pieces of course, like Osheen Harruthoonyanat, who I blogged about last November, but I imagine they’ll catch up. I’ve spent the afternoon introducing myself to several brilliant artists I’d not yet heard about: Lung Liu, for example, an awesome, self-taught photographer from Vietnam. Have a look at their site – it’s an invaluable primer on who’s who in Canadian photography.

All of David’s work is a fresh take on the overwhelming nature of urban life.”, the piece continues. “The pressure of advertising and modern architecture in a continual struggle against each other for the attention of every passerby.  The stress they create is palpable in his images.”

Shostakovich asserted that an artist only needs three things: Praise, praise and praise.

Thank you CPO. You’ve given me all three!


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