I’m always on the lookout for odd little displays that seem to “speak for” us. Especially us guys. Poses that ex-pose us, “Society’s Little Freudian Slips, I used to call them. On my way to Chicago I had the luck to find something at the Island Airport that perfectly encapsulated Toronto’s small-man neurosis. There, in the waning light, through the (thankfully) recently cleaned windows of the walkway, was my Toronto, it’s pert little tower sticking out nicely, but into a worrisome dusk. How apt. On the left, the doubled reflection of the city off a corner window; to the right, the reflection of a travel ad behind me. In the distance, superimposed above the horizon, rose the ghostly presences that haunt our troubled skyline: the reflection of a photomontage that includes, from left to right, the Statue of Liberty, The Petronias Towers, Something that might be the Burj (but doesn’t really look like it) and either Big Ben or Canary Wharf. (Just click on the image to enlarge)

How is a city to keep up? With Petro dollars clogging the Dubai skyline, bloggers like Perpustakaan have had the nerve to drop Toronto from their top seven list. And if we’re no longer on the list of the seven sturdiest erections in the world (read “wonders”), we might as well go back to doing something more modest. Something more service oriented, perhaps. Like … subways;?)

2 thoughts on “ The Sky’s The Limit ”

  1. Oh, I’d never have seen those shadows if you hadn’t mentioned them, let alone know they were reflections from a travel poster! It\’s a very rich image when viewed at its largest. I especially like the delicate color of the little planes and their scale to the whole photograph.

    1. Thanks! The planes and the weather caught my eye, then the reflections. But I’ve been shooting reflections for decades now. You can find them in Portfolio/Limbo. Cheers!

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