Chicago is.

Not just big, rich, gutsy and beautiful, but expansive, inclusive, big-hearted and fun. What other city’s millennium project includes a park with a giant wading pool and a massive, distorted mirror, shaped like a bean?

People + architecture = Chicago

Make no mistake about it: Chicago is crazy about architecture: everybody “gets” it. And as sure as you can say “form follows function”, the architecture is all about people. The wading pool is probably 75 yards long and filled with people from every culture and walk of life.

I was lucky to get this boy on his own on the first of July – the place is crowded with kids – never moreso than when the character in the video fountain (really? You can do that?) offers them a kiss, which is a ploy for spewing what looks like a fountain of spittle. Apparently there have been multiple complaints, all of which are rightly ignored.


It was 103 F the day we were there, so I was torn, looking around for someone responsible enough to hang on to my camera (my wife had gone off while I did some shooting) so I cool myself below those watery lips. Sadly, recording awesomeness is sometimes inferior to doing awesomeness!

As for the Bean and people of all types doing awesomeness, here’s a group of Islamic ladies having as good a time as anyone.

Everyone is welcome, and everyone has fun, in Millennium Park

My wife and I were in Chicago for our 25th anniversary, and we had five brilliant days to enjoy all that the city has to offer – great cuisine, art, architecture & music. Everything except a nightcap out of doors in the heat. We thought we were in luck when the hotel bar’s patio was empty after we got back from dinner. Apparently not. Chicago has a curfew of 10pm for patio drinking, a rule so out of character that I’m going to have to return. A nice long study on Chicago and its contradictions are in order I think.

Chicago’s enduring prohibition – against late night patio drinking –
comes with the dusk



3 thoughts on “ My Kind of Town ”

  1. I really enjoyed this photo essay and the other one with the incredible skyscrapers and balconies. Made me smile and want to go back to Chicago. Happy anniversary David and Annette.

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