Meetups are big business these days. I know, because I’ve started to encounter the middle man – in this case the middle woman, whose pitch was to organize and host my meetup at a studio for 60%. I jumped at the chance to have a quiet space and an organizer on an ongoing basis. Alas, creative differences drove us apart, but not before the argument arose about what’s so great about Cedarvale Ravine as the location for a landscape meetup.

Need I say more?

Cedarvale is special. Partly, I know, because I know it like the back of my hand. I know what it offers in different light; I can anticipate where to stand on any given day. But even without that knowledge, it’s a park with range: from wide open bowls to woods to wetlands to a dog park and bridges caked with the latest graffiti.

Because it’s nearby, because it’s where I walk my dogs, the park is home. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to see, observe, study and capture it in every kind of weather and mood (mine and the world’s)

I hope you enjoy these shots – I plan to guide some meetups of my own there shortly, so check out my meetup group and join the fun!

Happy shooting!

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