My new camera is a dinosaur: A Crown Graphic press camera made in the ’50s. ImageThe film holders you see on the right are used to hold, expose, and protect 4×5″ cut film. These negs hold a massive amount of information. When scanned in a top drawer drum scanner, fine images can be printed all the way up to 60×40″!ImageThe park bench above is one of my first tests, and I’m thrilled with the quality. And what you’re seeing is the result of the cheapest, smallest scan I could buy. It will hold its detail when properly scanned and printed at size.

“Star Power” at 60×40″, in Miami with its fantastic printer, Derek Sanchez. 9 more are available.

There are plenty of large format cameras out there, but this one fits my shooting style – it has an early version of a rangefinder (see top of photo), so I can load the camera, focus and shoot – even when I’m off a tripod.All of this action is the result of having been chosen to exhibit large scale versions of my work at Art Miami, one of the top exhibitions in the art wold.

Can’t wait to create more pieces at this size in the future!

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