I’m incredibly excited about the opening of Art Miami, where my work will be seen by 55,000 top international curators, artists, dealers & buyers. The VIP Opening Night is slated to begin as I write this. My work is being presented in the Context Pavilion by Luky Cancio of Cancio Contemporary. The Context Pavillion is described, on Art Miami’s website, as an outgrowth of Art Miami that services “a select group of international art dealers by providing a platform, infrastructure and proven marketplace that engages and attracts qualified collectors to acquire the works of their artists who have achieved certain levels of critical acclaim and pricing for their works.”  !!!

                    Star Power

Star Power has an interesting history. When I was working at CBC, CTV was whipping us in the ratings. But that wasn’t enough. Ivan Fecan, formerly our boss, had “Canadian Idol” tapings held across Front Street, in the John Bassett Theatre. Not only were we losing to “that other network”, but we had to listen to the screaming of their rabid fans as we laboured into the dinner hour. It was summer, and I recall exiting the building on John Street, where the bad guys had also plastered gigantic ads for their other programming. It was ludicrous: John St. is a tiny street that gets little traffic, except when Blue Jays fans shuffle along to the (formerly known as) Skydome.  I took Star Power that night. That canvas, stretched across the top of a hideous power station, went on to do triple duty: It raked in good money from advertisers in a formerly dead space, it allowed CTV to taunt us even more, and tonight it makes its debut at Context Art Miami. My television wars are over now. Selling these will bury them.

Afro Jo
                    Miss Connect

Miss Connect, above, began life as Afro-Jo. Jo is my daughter’s name, and one of my favourite pieces of music is John Coltrane’s Afro Blue (Live at Birdland). It’s a portrait of my daughter checking out a photo in the Galleria of Brookside Place on Bay Street. When she stopped behind this portrait of a young African-American, I couldn’t resist. I then posed her behind several other photos, like this one of Putin. I call it JoJo Putinesca. Joanna’s patience soon ran out, but I got four shots out of her that day.

                    JoJo Putinesca

Luky has two more pieces, though I don’t know which will hang when (or if). “Sorry“, below, was taken in Calpe, Spain.  The “context” is a lot more urban that it looks: I was standing in the parking lot of a grocery store when I took it.


If you find yourself at Art Miami over the next few days, here’s a pass on me

Art Miami Comp

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