A farewell to winter is a slow-going affair. The weather heats up imperceptibly for about a month, while summer sends out its heralds with the occasional, tantalizing hot spell. On the other hand, our autumns are fine since our summers cool in a similar pattern. Both of Toronto’s dominant seasons hang on past their prime.

Ice Storm_Dark Web

But the uglies of winter are gone or going: the salted bumpers and streetcar shelters, stained windows and a host of grubby little visual modifiers that make a Toronto winter ugly – unless there’s fresh snow.

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Snow (and temperature, of course) are the culprits. With winter days that waver around the freezing mark frequently, salt is the only thing that keeps us from careening into one another, on foot or in any other conveyance. Last year’s ice storm tells the grim but beautiful story in one way; while this year’s salt cars tells it in a “grime but beautiful” way ;)

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5 thoughts on “ A Farewell To Winter ”

      1. Wow, all of them sound awesome! If you’re planning to visit South Asia again, I say you should visit India.
        I’m waiting for the photos!

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