My name is David Goorevitch and I’ve been working with creative people all my life, from working with writers to promoting concerts to overseeing flagship television series and movies with Hollywood celebrities.

But my first look through a camera was my Eureka moment.

I’d been drawing for years, focusing on something of interest, but never knowing where to draw the borders. In that moment, looking through the lens, I could see the world with a frame around it – and I was hooked.

I had a competing passion for writing. I edited the school literary magazine and then completed a BA in literature and drama (U of A). Though I came to Toronto to study photography at Ryerson, I eventually combined my love for the dramatic and the image, switching to, and graduating in Motion Picture Studies, all of which led me into a life in film and television.

From 1900-2007, I was executive in charge of production, then deputy creative head, at CBC TV Drama, where I had the opportunity to work with Canada’s best dramatic writers, directors, producers and performers, developing series and scripts, and then overseeing production.

CBC actors
Some of the awesome people I worked with at CBC. (None of these portraits are mine.)

In 2007, I gave it up to go back to photography.

In 2019, I learned another reason for my addiction to photography. I started seeing double and had a battery of tests. One of them revealed that I see double. My eyes are pointed in different directions. I’ve been very successful at merging these two images but my brain has started to tire. A prism in one lens of my eyeglasses should fix everything. That first look through a viewfinder may have given me something my right eye had been clamouring for: clarity.

4 thoughts on “ ABOUT ”

  1. Very professional website David. Fascinating photos – very impactful. It was interesting to read your value proposition – sounds very MBA-ish (that’s a good thing for addressing businesses). You’ve worked with some of the big players in Canadian TV and film. It sounds like you are achieving fulfillment in your current work. That means a lot in life.

    Great to peruse your site – fascinating. Thank You

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