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My artwork reflects my response to the world – at times bemused, appalled or revelling in glory.

I began in the late 70s, with multi-plane images of urban life that capture a world between dreams and reality. Since then I’ve applied the same aesthetic to my landscapes. My work has been critiqued, praised and inspired by the great André Kertesz and I’ve been featured in Canadian Photography Online. I’ve exhibited more that 25 times at 18 venues, including Context Art Miami in 2013. I’m represented in the Toronto area by PI Creative Arts, and in Miami by Cancio Contemporary.

My nature photography, much of it playing with reflection or re-imagined through camera movement, describes the world as a place of chaotic wonder.


I also post my latest photos monthly in a little gallery I call “Fresh Baked”

My work is collected by several corporations, galleries and international institutions such as The Judith Tatar Gallery, Royal Bank of Canada, The Federal Court, Lipson & Doran Group, Bell Canada, RZN & Associates, Ocean To Ocean Seafood, Bar Ilan University, Evolve Chiropractic, CCI Entertainment, Inner City Films, Gallery MP, The City of Toronto Archives, and Evelyn Aimis Fine Art.

Sales information is here. Click on any image below to see the images in each of my nine ongoing art projects

Signs and Symbols

Product ManSpaces and Shapes: Architecture and Abstracts

Alternative Landscapes  Landscapes     Imaginary Landscapes


Fresh Baked

You can read my thoughts on photography, art and the world in my blog. My commercial work is a click away: here

All Rights Reserved. © David Goorevitch

For information and pricing, click here.


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