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Don’t Apologize – Floor Me!

A while back, my friend and fellow photographer, Lola Akinmade-Åkerström, sent me this incredible image in an e-mail she sends out called geotraveller’s niche. I was floored.

fanta-stic monkey

Lola and I met on a Toronto for Photographers tour for tbex travel bloggers in June last year. She taught me a lot about shooting people, especially approaching potential subjects. In the months past I’ve gotten to know her work better, but still, this shot blew me away: The incredible humanness on that face, the cool condensation on the can, and especially the fingerprint of the left hand. I was connected profoundly to that being, with his lids closed in concentration of pure physical pleasure. The cold, the sweetness, ah!

Strangely though, Lola undersold her fanta-stic ape (excuse the pun) with an apology of sorts: “it’s one of my personal favourites”, she wrote, “– the human-like gestures and expression of absolute enjoyment on the monkey’s face; it’s also one of my least favourite because monkeys really shouldn’t be cooling off on hot and humid days with Fanta.”

I believe that photography should be a coup. Literally. A slap in the face or a shock to the system.

So I wrote her right back and then worried I’d written undiplomatically and in the wrong tone. “It’s a great photo because of it, I wrote, “It’s a shock. We need to be shocked. Keep doing it and for God’s sake don’t apologize for capturing the stupidity of men or the complexities of life.” Then I followed up with a note to say that I’d like to blog about it.

My hastiness with an e-mail has cost me in the past, but this one had a happy ending. She accepted my criticism along with my acclaim and said yes, I could blog about it.

Do you have a shot that’s bowled you over? I’d love to see it — why not post it here, on my facebook page.

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Until next time…

Ice Storm II

I’m so far behind with my monthly upload of fresh baked images that I’ve decided to upload some more shots from last week’s ice storm. It was incredible. To see read my thoughts on the storm and for more images, see last week’s post, Ice Storm.


Ice Storm

Awe came to town this weekend with its twins, terrifying power and unworldly beauty.

Ice Storm, awe, Toronto, David Goorevitch, aweandthensome, Blocked Road

It came down as soft as rain and tore a city apart. Much has already been posted about its beauty. But there was much more than beauty. There was awesome. Awesome in all its greatness and fear, in the truth that everything can be ripped away in a moment. It took me twenty minutes to get out of the neighbourhood for the blocked roads and fallen power lines. But there was no other way to get my daughter to work or to pick up relatives without power. Arrangements had to be made for arrangements that had had to be broken.  I too had plans – to capture the storm. God laughed.

Ice Storm, awe, Toronto, blocked path, winter, David Goorevitch, aweandthensome


I passed by Cedarvale ravine where a couple had been stopped by a gigantic tree across the path. Their dogs hunted back and forth for a way through the maze of ice and branches while their owners stood bewildered. Just then a tree fell at the end of the path, signified by a terrifying crack and a shower of ice at the breaking point. A minute later, another tree fell to my right, on the other side of the park. I thought “this is not over”. They proceeded undaunted.

Ice Storm, awe, Toronto, David Goorevitch, aweandthensome, maple leaf

Neighbours came out of their houses shuffling through ice and deadfall like zombies. We were the lucky ones, the ones with heat and power. It was hard to square the beauty with the sadness, the glory with the destruction.  Humewood Park looked like a war zone, it’s typically placid benches surrounded by devastation.

Ice Storm, awe, Toronto, David Goorevitch, aweandthensome

Bead-like, a fallen tree branch rests on an icy sidewalk

But there was beauty. Unexpected beauty. Beauty where people rarely looked for it, but encased like jewellery, it was impossible to miss. Fragile beauty too. The kind that lasts only a short time and shines nevertheless.

Ice Storm, awe, Toronto, David Goorevitch, aweandthensome


Ice Storm, awe, Toronto, David Goorevitch, aweandthensome

Maimonides, a twelfth century philosopher,  is said to have gone everywhere with a note in each pocket. In one was the message “I am the universe”. Crumpled in the other was “I am dust and ashes“. Yesterday was just like that.

Ice Storm, awe, Toronto, David Goorevitch, aweandthensome

________       photographs ©David Goorevitch 2013 All Rights Reserved       ________


Salgado’s Genesis

How often do you go out with the intention of finding the good, the marvellous, the wonderful? That’s what Sebastião Salgado did over a period of nine years. Starting out in 2004, he’s travelled and photographed unspoiled terrain in 32 countries to restore in himself a lost trust in everything.

The results of those travels, the “Genesis” exhibition, will be coming to the ROM this spring and I’ve been honoured to be selected as a special guest to take part in a curated conversation around the show on the subject of “awe” later in May. It’s going to be an awesome May this year. Awe, and then some!

Above: A haunting landscape that carries echoes of the great Minor White, the father of spiritual photography

Finally Spring

It came a couple of days late this year, but Spring is definitely on its way. Stopping by Loblaws at Dupont and Christie, I had some fun with their Spring cleaning project – a series of paintings to hide the train tracks to the north. What is it about grocery stores that stimulates my whimsy?

People always want to know the origin of “Sorry…” (below) and they’re amused to hear that it comes from the parking lot of a grocery store in Calpé, a town on the Spanish Mediterranean.


The humour in the Loblaws paintings are a little more subtle. It consists of imaginary tree branches reaching up to meet those of real saplings caught between the paintings and the fence. The addition of birds and shadows completes these little oddities: Cheerful photos with a wink.

I hope you enjoy them! I went back yesterday to take some of these with my large format 4×5 , so stay tuned for an update!


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