A new apartment with a room full of happy orchids has me obsessing over flowers, of all things. The new camera and Sony G-Master 90mm lens is part of this descent into madness, I know. And then there are the tulips that my wife obsesses over, filling the house twice weekly with their silky touch […]

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A Constant Music

John Cage’s saying “Music is Constant; listening is intermittent”, was on my mind today after a brief flirtation with meditation. I’d had acupuncture followed by an embarrassingly long sleep and woke up perfectly at peace. I lay in bed exploring the aftermath; a slow-blooming calm expanding in body and mind, a flowering of essence. I came downstairs […]

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Why You Should Fire Yourself Once a Year

Originally posted on Photofocus (old site):
 This is a guest post by Brooke Shaden. She is well known for her portraits that show  fantastic realities.  She combines painterly techniques as well as the square format.  She also takes traditional photographic properties are replaces things with otherworldly elements. If you’re self-employed, or you have a creative passion,…

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A Farewell To Winter

A farewell to winter is a slow-going affair. The weather heats up imperceptibly for about a month, while summer sends out its heralds with the occasional, tantalizing hot spell. On the other hand, our autumns are fine since our summers cool in a similar pattern. Both of Toronto’s dominant seasons hang on past their prime. But the uglies of […]

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