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Turkish Soldier, Sirince

The elements of creative control are many and varied. Photographers practice them every day. They may, in fact, be impossible to get across in a single session, so you may find yourself wanting to revisit this one at least once.

Here’s what we cover in Creative Control (II)

–       FOCUS: The prime technical and creative element

  • What is the focus of your focus? What is the picture about?
  • Autofocus settings: Still, Follow & Still-follow
  • Autofocus in low light: contrast
  • Manual focus / manual lenses

–       FOCAL LENGTH: Stand, move or zoom? And where?

  • Focal length’s impact on the image
  • Distances between subject, picture plane and sensor


  • Direction of light, colour, fill, flash, slave, backlight, strobe & studio backgrounds / essential equipment

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Turkish Soldier, Sirince

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