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MichaelYou have a story to tell, one that highlights the qualities that make you special, one that differentiates you from your competition. But without attractive, professional visuals, your copy is just so many words.

You’re looking to make the best impression possible. You don’t skimp on effort or service and you don’t trust any aspect of your brand to anyone who does. Same here. I reframe your marketing promise into visuals that capture the heart of your target buyer or prospective employer.

I make portraits and website photography that translate your value proposition into imagery that captures the essence of what you do, clearly projecting your promise, vision and values.

Find out how my training in photography, film and drama makes me ideally suited to get the most relaxed and expressive performances from anyone, even if they hate to have their picture taken.

A question for you: Are you unwittingly telling potential clients that your execution will be amateurish? My work will change that perception. I support your brand promise with photography that appeals directly to the heart of your ideal client.

My history as a storyteller and visual artist makes me ideally suited to translating your story into the portrait you need.

I come to you; to your studio, your restaurant, your kitchen, your home or your place of business, not only for your ease and convenience, but, more importantly, for the inclusion of the environment that speaks for you and your brand.

In capturing you, projecting your brand and including your environment, I create portraits that “get you” – where you live.

Call me at 416-998-7627 for a free quote and browse the gallery below to see more samples of my work! Or e-mail me

AWE&thenSOME is the name of my company, promise and brand.


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  1. belllindsay #

    David, how thrilled I am to see this incredible new life you’ve created for yourself – your pics are superb!! Congratulations!

    December 16, 2014

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