Limited-Edition Prints

I sell signed limited-edition archival quality prints exclusively in sets of 12 for prints up to 36″ and in sets of 8 for larger prints. Archival quality prints are created with non-fading dyes and/or embedded in stable photographic paper. The paper is 100% rag cotton, which prevents discoloration over time. These prints last as long or longer than traditional photographic art prints. Chromira prints are created on stable colour paper with high-end photographic equipment, using the digital file as a negative. Giclée prints are created with ink dyes on various types of archival art papers.

Each print is signed, titled and numbered.

Pricing (prints 1-4/12)

Up to 19x13"	$650	  FRAMED         $550  UNFRAMED	 plus taxes + shipping
Up to 36x24"	$1400     FRAMED         $1000 UNFRAMED  plus taxes + shipping
Up to 60x40"    $2500     FRAMED         SETS OF 8       plus taxes + shipping

During exhibitions, prints are available from the exhibiting Gallery only.

Prices move upwards as available prints become scarce.


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