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Most of the people I mentor have had some classroom instruction — and forgotten everything. They’ve read books — and forgotten what they’d read.

What they needed, I thought, was to learn in the field, facing a specific photographic goal. Each time we solve a puzzle we carve a pathway in the brain (and in the hands) that we can follow when faced with another problem. That’s the idea behind AWE&thenSOME Training. It’s all about learning through discovery.

I train everyone from beginners to established photographers who want to challenge themselves and learn fresh new approaches. I teach analogue and digital.

I also serve a varied clientele in terms of the money and time they have to spend.

So join me for a Private Lesson on one of seven comprehensive topics, or join me  on a  mentor tour. Find out what we’re all about by clicking around the training section of AWE&thenSOME and subscribing to my blog. While you’re at it, have a look at the wonderful work my students are doing here.


Camera Basics is intended to give you a solid foundation for learning photography


Forsyth Park in Savannah, with its (imperfect) histogram


Jerry Meland’s lovely 2011 abstract


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