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If you love photography and you love to travel, our tours are for you.  We guide twelve tours in downtown Toronto, help you with technique, and guide you to the best places to shoot. Our tours take two hours to complete and start as low as $30 per hour! for groups of 6 or more. Whether you like to shoot architecture, nature, parks or street life, we can take you there. To find out how it works, go to our site.

Whether you are a beginner or a talented amateur, we can expand your horizons and help you find your vision – or your shutter, if you’re a newbie or happen to have a new camera.

David Goorevitch is an internationally collected photographer who has been training and mentoring creative artists since 1992. His previous career as a broadcasting executive has made him intimately familiar with the area’s most interesting shooting locations.

David teaches and blogs at, where you can find more information on his training and mentoring programs. He has a degree from Ryerson Film & Photography and his works are in the collection of the City of Toronto Archives, The Royal Bank, The Federal Court, Bar Ilan University, Bell Canada and many others. He has had two dozen exhibitions around the country, half of them solo shows.

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